Underwater Photoshoot Mallorca - Spain - Coliving in Mallorca 1200 x 628px

Underwater Photoshoot Mallorca

In this post, Underwater Photoshoot Mallorca, we share some of the popular types of underwater shoots available with Simon.

A unique fusion of art and nature unfolds where the azure Mediterranean kisses Mallorca’s rugged coastline. This realm showcases the breathtaking connection between land and sea. An underwater photoshoot that unveils the hidden stories of the deep. At the heart of this aquatic spectacle is the visionary photographer Simon De Vits. Affectionately known as Simon The Happy Man. Journey with us as we dive into the world of Simon and his remarkable creation that goes beyond photography. A celebration of life, emotions, and the boundless beauty of the underwater world.

Capturing depths of joy

Underwater Photoshoot - Coliving in Mallorca 1200 x 628px

The man behind the lens: Simon The Happy Man

Born and raised amidst the enchanting landscapes of Belgium. Simon’s journey began with a pursuit of Master’s science of movements. However, it was his insatiable wanderlust that propelled him on a path less traveled. Embracing diverse cultures, connecting with people, and collecting experiences along the way. Simon metamorphosed into a universal being, attuned to the energies that both surround and flow within.

Through a tapestry of joyful highs and some lows, Simon emerged as a man reborn. His mantra, “I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE!” reflects the empowerment he found within himself. Today, his vibrant spirit shines through his lens, translating his joy into stunning visual narratives.

Underwater Photoshoot in Mallorca - Coliving in Mallorca 1200 x 628px

Capturing joy in liquid depths: underwater photoshoot Mallorca

Simon The Happy Man’s artistic journey found its zenith amidst the aqueous playground of Mallorca’s coastline. His underwater photoshoots are not just images; they are tales of jubilant freedom, moments suspended in time beneath the waves. The crystal-clear waters of Mallorca offer a canvas for Simon to orchestrate his masterpieces. Encapsulating the raw emotions and untamed beauty that exist beneath the surface.

From surreal shots of sun-kissed models gracefully dancing with aquatic denizens to captivating underwater landscapes that appear to transcend reality. Simon’s work is a testament to his ability to capture life’s fleeting yet mesmerizing moments.

Love immersed: underwater couple photoshoot

Underwater Couple Photoshoot Mallorca - Spain - Coliving in Mallorca 1200 x 628px

Simon’s artistic vision extends beyond capturing individual moments. Simon’s vision also dives into the realm of love and connection. Imagine you and your partner sharing an intimate underwater embrace, surrounded by the ethereal beauty of the sea’s depths. With Simon’s expert guidance, you can embark on a captivating underwater couple photoshoot that transcends the ordinary.

As you and your partner glide through the water, Simon’s lens will encapsulate your affection. Thus creating a visual symphony of emotions. The underwater backdrop adds a touch of enchantment, allowing your love story to unfold in a unique and poetic way. These photos aren’t just images; they’re a testament to the depth of your bond, a tangible expression of your shared journey.

Simon’s skill captures authentic underwater moments, turning your couple photoshoot into a memory trove reflecting profound love. So, take the plunge with your beloved and let Simon The Happy Man immortalize your underwater love story through his masterful lens.

Life beneath: underwater maternity shoot

Underwater Maternity Shoot Mallorca - Spain - Coliving in Mallorca 1200 x 628px

The journey to motherhood is a wondrous and transformative experience, and what better way to capture its essence than through an underwater maternity shoot with Simon? Imagine the ethereal beauty of an expectant mother submerged in the tranquil depths, her flowing gown dancing with the currents. Simon’s lens has the power to encapsulate the awe-inspiring connection between a mother and her unborn child, turning it into a visual masterpiece.

In an underwater maternity shoot, nature’s harmony meets the maternal glow. Thus resulting in a series of images that are both ethereal and deeply intimate. Simon’s skillful eye captures the radiance, vulnerability, and strength that define the expectant mother as the water cradles her and her baby. These images transcend ordinary photographs, testifying to life’s extraordinary phases captured beneath the waves. They embody the very miracle of life itself.

Simon The Happy Man’s narrative imagery expertise guarantees a treasure trove of memories. It celebrates the profound journey of motherhood in your underwater maternity shoot. With every frame, Simon captures the anticipation, love, and the quiet strength that accompany this remarkable chapter. So, embrace the serenity of the underwater world and let Simon’s lens tell the enchanting story of your journey into motherhood.

Underwater dog photo shoot

Underwater Dog Photo Shoot Mallorca - Spain - Coliving in Mallorca 1200 x 628px

Simon The Happy Man’s artistic realm extends beyond humans to include our four-legged friends. These images radiate boundless enthusiasm and unconditional love. Imagine the delight of capturing your furry companion’s playful doggy paddle from beneath. The water’s surface, immortalizing their unique underwater performance.

In a heartwarming twist, Simon extends an invitation to all dog lovers. Bring your pooch along for an unforgettable underwater dog photoshoot experience. As your canine companion dives, splashes, and explores the liquid depths. Simon’s lens will weave its story into an enchanting visual narrative. These photoshoots aren’t just about images; they’re about treasured memories shared with your beloved pet.

Through Simon’s lens, water transforms into a canvas backdrop capturing your dog’s pure joy and energy. So, let Simon’s expertise transform your dog’s playful aquatic antics into art. Preserving the essence of your furry friend’s spirit for years to come. Dive in, share the joy, and let Simon tell the heartwarming story of your dog’s underwater journey.

Visit Simon’s website Simon – The Happy Man to witness his kaleidoscope of underwater wonders and embark on a journey that celebrates the symphony of life, light, and liquid depths.

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Simon The Happy Man, a soulful nomad and visionary lensmaster, leads us on a voyage to underwater enchantment beyond the horizon. Through his photographs, we experience the fusion of life’s emotional tapestry and the timeless beauty of the deep. Mallorca’s underwater shoots testify to our ability to create, explore, and embrace the wondrous underwater world.

So, are you ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of underwater photography? Let Simon The Happy Man be your guide, as he unveils the submerged marvels that dance beneath the surface.

Unveiling Life’s Submerged Marvels

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