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A coliving experience where a work-life balance meets the allure of Mallorca. An island paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. At Coliving in Mallorca, our story is deeply rooted in a profound love for this enchanting island. Plus a fusion of various hospitality businesses dating back to 1981.

The founder behind Coliving in Mallorca is Christian McGinty, a visionary entrepreneur of this thriving coliving space. With a family legacy of owning diverse hospitality businesses, including bars, restaurants, a nightclub and a pier in the UK. Christian’s journey into the world of coliving began in Palma de Mallorca in 2020.

Drawing on his invaluable experience in the industry over the years, including venturing into the realm of Airbnb. Where Christian spearheaded a successful Airbnb project in the centre of the vibrant city of Brighton, UK. This venture marked the beginning of a life-transforming journey for Christian – the path of a digital nomad.

Digital nomad

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A Digital Nomad Life

In 2015, Christian embarked on an adventure that took him from Brighton to the tropical climate of Malaysia. For around 2 years Christian ran his own successful digital marketing agency promoting restaurants in London and Brighton from a laptop on the island Penang.

Catching the travel bug

The allure of exploring new horizons and experiencing different cultures fueled his passion for travel and seeking the perfect work-life balance.

Moreover, having visited over 50 countries over the years, mainly whilst working in various music and promotional events around the world. Christian finally decided to put down some roots and call sunny Spain home…

The magic of Mallorca

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Discovering the magic of Mallorca

Amidst his globetrotting escapades, one destination captivated Christian’s heart like no other – the stunning island of Mallorca. With its year-round pleasant weather, basking in the warmth of approximately 300 days of sunshine annually, Mallorca presented an idyllic canvas for his lifestyle design.

The birth of Coliving in Mallorca

Inspired by his love for Mallorca and the desire to create a space where like-minded individuals could embrace the digital nomad lifestyle in harmony with the island’s beauty. Christian envisioned Coliving in Mallorca. Blending the art of hospitality, communal living. All whilst fostering a sense of community, this coliving space became the embodiment of his vision.

Mallorca Experiences

In Mallorca, every day is an opportunity for adventure, exploration, and connection. Whether it’s exploring the historic wonders of Palma’s old town, savoring the breathtaking coastal vistas. Or immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the island, there’s something magical for everyone. Just click on the button below to see what magical experiences await…

Join Our Coliving Community: As you embark on your journey towards a harmonious work-life balance, Coliving in Mallorca welcomes you with open arms. Be part of our vibrant and nurturing community of like-minded people that encourages personal growth, work productivity, and overall well-being.

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